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Environmental aliens (for captoftardis)

Climate change conferences were great for catching up on the news, strategising, talking to old friends and meeting other people who might be helpful. Up until the point where the science went above her head a little. Jo understood more than she had when she was the Doctor's assistant, but the technical stuff was best left to Cliff.

So while he was discussing the latest breakthroughs, Jo wandered through the hotel to see who else might be in the same position as her. At the sound of footsteps she peered around the corner eagerly, only to see an alien disappearing down an adjacent corridor. It was definitely an alien, given that its head nearly touched the ceiling and had scales instead of hair.

She didn't tend to see many aliens these days, so she hurried after it, wondering what was going on and if the staff knew it was there. She was just in time to see it go into a room and close the door behind it. Since the door could only be opened with a keycard, Jo knew she couldn't just turn the handle and hope to get in that way.

She leaned against the wall, thinking about what to do. Should she wait for the alien to come back out, or try and get it to open the door?


Eldorado permissions post

About my character:

Name: Jo Jones (née Grant)
Age: 58
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual (and married)
Special abilities: She can talk for England and run in high heels
Allergies, fears, Achilles heels, and other issues: She's seen a lot, so there's very little she's afraid of. She is very loyal to the Doctor and her husband, and does miss her family.

My character has canon knowledge of: (Please put a check in the box.)

[ X ] The supernatural. (Vampires, demons, witches, angels, ghosts.)

[ X ] Evolved humans. (People have enhanced strength, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)

[ X ] Life on other planets. (Aliens!)

[ X ] Advanced technology.

[ X ] The future.

[ ] Other. (I will explain in my notes.)

I give other characters in El Dorado permission to:

Injure my character physically...

[ X ] If it’s a minor wound.

[ ] If it’s a serious wound.

[ X ] Only if they have discussed the extent of the injury with me first.

[ ] As often as you’d like; they’ll heal immediately.

Invade my character’s mind...

[ ] Through persuasion or some other power of suggestion.

[ ] Via mindreading.

[ ] By manipulating their memories.

[ ] By erasing their memories.

[ X ] Only if they have discussed what they plan to do to my character first.

Enter my character’s suite unannounced...

[ X ] Whenever they want.

[ X ] If it’s an absolute emergency.

[ X ] If it’s plotted out in advance.

[ X ] If they promise not to take anything.

- Note: Both characters in a suite must have matching options for their room to be enter-able.

Do random things to my character, such as...

Any of these if you ask first.

[ ] Impersonate them.

[ ] Detect how they are feeling.

[ ] Detect whether or not they are being truthful.

[ ] Replicate their ability (if they have one).

[ ] Have visions/dreams/ideas about things that may happen to them in the future.

[ ] Expose them to magic - real or otherwise.


I would prefer that my character never be involved in scenes that could include... I can't think of anything at the moment.

I would prefer a warning if my character is involved in a scene that could include... I can't think of anything at the moment.

I have additional information that the other writers should be aware of regarding my character: She's seen a lot, so she's hard to shock.


Jo is Harry's pimp once again...

...for the RP mun friending meme

(savagestime, although the Sarah as Harry's pimp idea came up nearly two years ago, I do have it on my list of drabbles to write!)


justprompts March

"Passion is universal humanity. Without it religion, history, romance and art would be useless." - Honore de Balzac

"Oh, Jo, you're freezing," Cliff complained, edging away from his wife as she wriggled closer to get warm.

"It's cold in the cow shed," she pointed out. "And it's raining." Not that it made that much difference, since she'd been inside, but it was typical of the Welsh weather.

Cliff sighed. "Come here, then."

Jo smiled in the darkness and snuggled up to him. "Buttercup's had her calf."

"Oh, good," he said, sleepily.

"Don't you want to know whether it's a boy or a girl?"

"Can't it wait until the morning?"

"It is morning. It's nearly dawn." And Jo was too cold and too excited from seeing Buttercup give birth to sleep yet.

Cliff opened his eyes to find it was lighter in their bedroom than it had been when he had gone to bed alone. "Since you don't have to get up to milk the cow you may as well go to sleep." He closed his eyes again, intending to go back to sleep himself.

Jo shifted so she could look at him. After a few moments he sighed and opened his eyes again. "What is it?"

"It's a girl," she said, triumphantly. "I've decided to call her Daisy." It was a good, traditional name for a cow and no one was likely to complain about it.

"That's good. She'll be easy to sell."

Jo bit her lip. "Can we keep her?"

"We don't need any more milk."

She shook her head. "Not for the milk, for the company." He frowned, so she added, "Buttercup's lonely and I think she'd like another cow about."

"She has you."

"But human company isn't the same as having someone of your own kind around. And I'm not there all the time."

"Jo." Cliff brushed away some of her hair that was falling on his face. "We can't afford to keep another cow," he said softly.

"I thought about that." It had been a long night and she'd had plenty of time to think. "We can sell the extra milk to the milk board."

"I don't think they need one cow's milk when they deal with so many."

Jo refused to give in. "We don't know until we ask."

Cliff wasn't convinced, but he could hardly argue about that point. "If I say you can keep it, will you let me sleep?"

Jo grinned. "Of course I will."

"All right then. But you'll have to get the others to agree too."

"I will." She kissed Cliff before settling down to sleep. She knew he would agree in the end.

TR Writing Workshop 1.2

start writing with some version of the phrase "I remember"

I remember the last UNIT Christmas party.

It's always hard to get the Doctor to go to these things. He claims that he doesn't celebrate Christmas and doesn't like parties, but since they're held at HQ all we have to do is take some of the fun to the lab. Then he complains about the noise and not being able to get any work done and eventually ends up joining us.

Last year, me and Mike were a bit tipsy when we decided to get the Brigadier to try and get the Doctor to join the party. We were listening outside the door to the lab as the Brigadier hinted that the Doctor might not get so much of the equipment he needed if he didn't come along. The Doctor came out with all his usual complaints, but since we'd all heard them every year, the Brigadier didn't really listen to them.

When they both came out of the lab we managed to get them both under the doorway at the same time, where we'd hung some mistletoe. They guessed it was us from the giggling. Although it was mostly me that was doing the giggling - Mike doesn't really giggle. The Brigadier gave us a look (well, mostly Mike) and the Doctor said he was ashamed of us (well, mostly me). We hadn't really expected them to kiss or anything. In fact, I had hoped they wouldn't because that would be strange. I can't imagine either of them kissing anyone.

We weren't discouraged, we just spent the rest of the party getting more drunk and trying to catch more people under the mistletoe. Sometimes it was just easier to get them under there with ourselves. Well, me for the men and Mike for the girls. Most of the men were quite funny about it - they just went red and kissed me on the cheek while I tried hard not to laugh. It's quite hard not laughing at funny things when you're drunk.

Eventually I think someone caught on to our game and managed to get me and Mike under the mistletoe at the same time. He didn't go red - well, any redder than he already was - but he did kiss me on the cheek. But then I saw how many people were watching, so I turned my head and kissed him on the lips instead.

After that he went very red and had to go outside for some air. Someone, I don't remember who now, suggested that as I was quite drunk I ought to go home. I didn't like that idea and told them so. But somehow they managed to get me to walk with them outside, where Mike still was. He smiled at me and offered to see me home, so then I thought I might as well leave if he was.

There were all sorts of rumours the next day, but nothing happened. We just shared a taxi back to my flat, and then when it had dropped me off he carried on home in the taxi. And I woke up the next morning on my own, in my own bed, with a horrible hangover. I resolved not to do it again the next year, but then I wasn't at UNIT any more by the time Christmas came around again.


TR: Johnny's disappearance

Whenever people on the island disappeared - which seemed like quite often these days - Jo was always glad of the people that were still here. Johnny was one of them and now he'd disappeared too. Once she'd got over her initial disbelief Jo had gone to the TARDIS via her room to pick up the key. Despite waking up with it a few months ago she'd never used it: the TARDIS didn't go anywhere so there hadn't been any reason to go in it. Now, though, she let herself in, took one look at the inside and leaned heavily against the door.

"I want to go home." The inside wasn't the white walls that she remembered and the Doctor - the white haired one from home - wasn't in the console room to rescue her either. She put a hand to her mouth, which didn't do anything to stop her eyes from filling with tears, and ran out of the console room further into the TARDIS. Not far down the corridor she came across a bedroom. Not caring whose it was, or had been, she flung herself onto the bed and cried into the pillow.

Sometime later she lay on her back listening to nothing much and tried to think about the good times she'd had with Johnny and not what might have been, had he still been here. Eventually the quiet and the lying down with her eyes closed lulled her off to sleep and she dreamt of home.

She assumed it was morning when she woke up simply because she woke up, but it was hard to tell. Not being quite able to know what to do with herself, she stayed where she was, until the lack of noise of people got to her. For all she knew everyone else on the island could have vanished in the night. Once she thought about it, the thought wouldn't leave her and she ran back outside, worried and scared.

There were people around, which was a big relief. As she ambled back to the Compound in the morning sunshine she considered what to do now. This was just an ordinary day, despite what had happened the day before, so perhaps she should just treat it like one. She remembered the present that had turned up this year for her in the lab. She'd had lots of fun investigating all the different parts of it and had been excited about going out and finding out what was in soil. She just hadn't got round to doing any research, as that involved reading books written in a way guaranteed to put you to sleep. There had always been more exciting things to do.

But now, she was determined to be a scientist and that involved some boring stuff. Since she was after something to distract her, she decided to spend some time on it.


TR: wind for peeweemartin

Jo wasn't one to let a bit of weather stop her from going outside. Well, the blizzard had, but that only lasted a day and it had been fun with lots of people in the Compound, so she hadn't minded. But this had been going on a few days now and there was no telling when it was going to stop. So she went out anyway.

It took a lot longer to get somewhere if you were going against the wind - but a lot quicker if you were going with it. Now it was dark she was going sideways to it and it kept blowing her off the path. She ended up just going with it, hoping that at some point she'd be able to loop around and end up back at the Compound.

She wrapped her coat around herself, partly because it was quite cold and also because it had a tendency to stream out behind her like a cape. Which had been fun at first, but now just tended to be an annoyance.

The river appeared out of nowhere. One minute she was walking along, minding her own business, the next minute the wind blew her sideways again, and then she discovered the ground had disappeared from under her feet and had been replaced by cold, running water.

Although she flung her arms out it wasn't enough to keep her footing and she fell over with a cry.


Muse by Sentence 8.4 Helpless

There's nothing worse than sitting locked up in a cell with the Doctor, knowing that there's nothing you can do to get out of it because you've already tried everything.

Muse by Sentence 8.8 Amusing

When Cliff told Jo that the Prime Minister was going to show the world that aliens existed, all she said was, "That'll be nice," and he laughed and kissed her.

TR: Homeplot with abbysciuto

Jo woke up slowly and frowned, trying to work out what it was that wasn't right. It was a few minutes before she realised it was the smell. And the noise. When she opened her eyes she had a moment of panic, trying to work out where she was. When she thought back to the previous evening she remembered going to bed in her room in the Compound. And she didn't have a hangover, so there was no reason why she would have forgotten anything that happened the previous night.

When she pushed back the covers she discovered she was still wearing the pyjamas she'd worn when she'd gone to bed, which was something at least. She got up and peeked behind the blinds at the world outside and it definitely wasn't the island. But she recognised the landscape outside - and the soldiers doing drills helped with that. Turning back to look at the room she realised it was the bunk room at UNIT HQ and she wondered how she could ever have mistaken it. Except it wasn't somewhere she expected to be.

It must mean the Doctor had rescued her at last, even if it didn't explain why she didn't remember him doing so. Nor did it explain why she wasn't alone.



From a few people now:

Comment here with one of your character's names for a big block of text about how mine feels about yours. Return the favour!


Muse by Sentence 1.8 Love

I can't help thinking that if I just knew Mike was in love with me at the time I'd have done things differently, and yet being able to look back on that time I can't say what it is that I could have done.
Continued from here

Jo slowed down a little, so she couldn't be said to be dragging him towards the Compound any more and changed her grip to thread her fingers through his, but loose enough so he could keep doing that.

"In that case I'd be honoured to see it." Which made her wonder just where he had it if it was well hidden. "But the only thing I have to show you is a slightly messy room."


TR RP: Girly night at the strip club

Jo had been secretly curious about what went on upstairs at the Catscratch Club since it opened, if not curious enough to go on her own. But being in a group of people meant they were bound to have a good time. Okay, so they'd all have to pay for it, but at least once they were inside the drinks were free, the music was good and the strippers were interesting, if nothing else.


There were generally two places it was best to start looking for the Doctor: the TARDIS and the Treehouse. Although there were no guarantees he would be at either of them and there was a whole island to search. So Jo removed all doubt and wrote the Doctor a note, asking him to meet her at the TARDIS.

When she got there she was either first or he was already inside. She tried the door but it didn't open - although he could have just gone inside and locked the door. She wished she'd told him ages ago that she'd lost her key and then she'd have one now. But it was too late for that now and she certainly wasn't going to admit it so long after the fact.

So she sat down with her back against the door to wait and think about what clothes Chase might like out of the wardrobe room. Assuming the Doctor managed to find it.


It was too hot for all this running Jo decided as she stopped to catch her breath. As she looked around to check if she was still being followed she was glad to see only the Amazon around her. It should have been comforting - she'd lived here long enough - but it only showed her how many places there were to hide.

News was slow to make it out here and by the time they found out the President had been assassinated, the Prime Minister of Britain had made public contact with aliens and was now destroying the world, half of the Amazon rainforest had already gone. For a moment it had made her wonder why they had bothered to try and save the Earth all these years, but there were more important considerations now.

Like the survival of the species. And rescuing Cliff.

He'd been taken to what Jo suspected was some sort of slave labour camp. Although her first instinct had been to stick with him, she knew she was far more use staying free and working out how to get him out of there before it killed him. Although she'd managed to fight her way free from her would-be captors, it didn't stop them from following her.

But, as she stood, prepared to start running again she knew she'd stopped for too long. The Toclafane never needed to rest. Even as they swarmed overhead she ran - she'd seen what they could do to people they caught up with and she didn't intend for that to happen to her.


TR Writing Workshop: 100 sentences

Write at least 100 short sentences about your character. The sentences should not connect and should not follow one another in any logical way. The idea of this exercise is to force you to outrun your own thoughts and intelligence and critical mind. Be careful not to be monotonous, using the name of your character or a pronoun to start each sentence.

OOC: Some of this is TR canon, some is RS canon and one sentence is just meta.

Read more...Collapse )


Presumably, our pups have lives that happen when we aren't playing them, as none of us can play 24/7. Some of the things that happen are tedious and everyday, and not worth thinking much on: It's fair to assume they eat, bathe, go to "work" or school as it applies, etc. But there might be things that happen between pups that, while not necessarily requiring a thread, are important to note for the sake of development. The important stuff should always be played out, but we know you can't always play everything, and sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction.

This is the post for discussing what our pups might get up to that doesn't get threaded. Just indicate in the comment whether you're talking about TR, RS or prompts/sws etc.


Jo is Harry's pimp...

...for the RP mun friending meme

(savagestime, I haven't forgotten the Sarah as Harry's pimp idea, I just haven't got to it yet :))


TR not really an RP with Jo and Harry

The last time Jo had been ill she'd assumed it wasn't serious and then it turned out it was. Although it had also mysteriously disappeared a few days later, which made her think it had been one of those strange island things. Now, she was just glad it wasn't anything like the body swapping she'd seen.

This time, though, she wasn't taking any chances so she'd gone down to the clinic to get checked out by whichever doctor was on duty there.

When she got there, she didn't recognise the man who was frowning over a thick book and hadn't noticed her arrival. There were still lots of people she hadn't met yet, so she wasn't going to worry about that.

"Hello," she said, or she planned to. What actually happened after she took a breath in was a coughing fit. She had to sit down before she fell down.

At that the man looked up. "Are you all right?"

It seemed a strange thing to say to someone who was too busy coughing to reply, but he also filled a glass of water and put it down in front of her. Once she could breathe again she gave him a grateful smile and took a few sips. "I think I've just got a cold," she said, afterwards, and sniffed, "but I feel terrible."

"Let's get you checked out." He smiled at her. "I'm Dr Sullivan. How long have you felt like this?" He was already rummaging around in cupboards even as he spoke.

"Jo Grant. And just since yesterday." She didn't get a chance to say more because then he put a thermometer in her mouth. She went cross-eyed trying to look at it but couldn't really complain because that was what she'd asked for, after all.

"There is something going round," he said, while he frowned at her file and she wondered just what was in it. When he took the thermometer and looked at it all he said was "Hmm," which she wasn't sure she liked the sound of at all. "Any other symptoms?" he asked.

"Just a blocked up nose, headache, sore throat, tired and dizzy." Those were all the things she was feeling at the moment anyway. "And a cough." Although she supposed he'd worked that last one out for himself.

He nodded. "It's probably just the cold that's going round. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and come back if you don't feel better in a few days."

That was it? He'd barely done anything at all. And she needed to be better tomorrow. "But the masked ball is tomorrow evening."

He raised his eyebrows. "You won't be well enough for that."

Okay so she didn't feel well enough to go to a ball but that didn't mean she didn't want to. "I shall go to the ball," she said and stood up, raising her chin in defiance. Except she got up a bit too quickly and put her hand to her head with a groan and wished the room didn't spin so much.

"Back to bed with you." He put a hand on her shoulder and passed her the glass of water. "You'll only make yourself worse otherwise."

She sighed, but did as he asked because sleeping sounded liked a good idea just at a the moment. She tried not to think about everyone else having a good time tomorrow night, while she lay in bed and felt sorry for herself.

It was only as she left the clinic that she heard a sneeze from behind her and she wondered if the cold extended to the doctors too.


TR RP for J.D. (and George Weasley)

The trouble with offering to bribe people was that when you got what you wanted, you had to go through with the bribe. Not that Jo was averse to making biscuits of any kind, it was just that it wasn't that easy the first time, given the lack of chocolate and proper scales. And having to remember all the amounts in the recipe.

Even though they hadn't been out of the oven for long they were already very hard. She sipped the tea she'd made while they were cooking and decided it didn't really matter. They looked and smelt good, and as long as George turned up and they found J.D. and she won her bet and she didn't give any biscuits to anyone after that, no one would know.


Album Concepts Track 8 - A Warning Sign

I missed the good part then I realised
I started looking and the bubble burst
I started looking for excuses
Come on in, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in

Jo might be all happy and breezy as normal, so no one suspected a thing, but the mock A levels didn't go well at all. It wasn't that she hadn't revised - that was what the night before was for after all.

It was when she opened the first exam paper that she had a feeling of dread that didn't leave her for a long time. She remembered a fair bit and had thought she would be all right. But she didn't even understand the question; it didn't seem to relate to anything they'd learnt at all.

As she poured over the question, pretending to read it carefully, she pondered her options. She couldn't drop out now because she'd promised her parents she would stay at college and finish her A levels. She really didn't want to get stuck in some dead-end job where she never had enough money to do any of the wonderful, amazing things she wanted to do with her life (just as soon as she worked out what they actually were).

So she would just have to do the best she could now, conceal her results from her parents and then work hard for the next few months before the real exams. The trouble was that she wasn't used to working hard at lessons and there were far more interesting things to do than homework.

Pimp my RPG

Pimping the Pimp my RPG meme - go and tell the world about the great RPGs you're in.

Hmm, Jo now appears to be Harry's pimp...