Jo Jones née Grant

4 March 1952
Roleplaying journal for Jo Grant from the BBC's Doctor Who for various comms, played by paranoidangel42. She's not mine.

Jo is a short, bubbly blonde, always fashionably, if not sensibly, dressed. Ever loyal to the Doctor, but then she hasn't had much experience of his inability to steer the TARDIS.

She joined UNIT after asking her uncle in Geneva for a favour. The Brigadier assigned her to be the Doctor's assistant after Liz Shaw left. While Jo was there the Doctor's exile was lifted and she got to travel in the TARDIS with him.

relativespace information:
She met a Welsh man called Cliff Jones who was an environmentalist and reminded her of the Doctor. She married him and went with him to the Upper Amazon to look for a fungus that might feed the world.

fractured_time information:
Jo's in her 50s. She and Cliff are still trying to save the planet, only these days he's the scientist, she's his manager. They live in South America, but travel a lot.

guardian_rpg information:
Jo comes from after The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor, and after Find and Replace (set in December 2010)

demonsran information:
Jo comes from the beginning of the second episode of The Green Death when the lift carrying her and Bert is falling down the liftshaft.